Meeting up to talk with my ex?

So my ex broke up with me but I'm not 'petty' enough to keep a real grudge. Like I do think I still have feelings for him but I am NOT going to block him on social media and block his number just because he lost feelings because 1) I think that's pretty immature & weak and 2) we're in the same friendship group so it would be incredibly AWKWARD. Anyway so since we're in the same group I do see him all the time, and we decided to be civil so he always initiates conversation like 'how are you?' and we've already had the 'why did we break up?' talks and it's just that he doesn't want a gf/doesn't think his feelings are as strong anymore.
It's been a while and 2 weeks ago when he was drunk he said he missed me. I know he won't ask me out again but I kind of want to show him what he's missing, and not just physically. He has said numerous times that he thinks Im out of his league and that im so pretty or whatever so that's not what im trying to prove. I KNOW you can't make someone change their mind but I also know how simple teenage boys are, if they think somethings gonna make them happy = they do it. We had a truly beautiful relationship and the only problem was that he lost feelings in the end, I think he is an insecure and worrisome person who wanted to better himself and always thought I was going to leave him. How do I subtly initiate a spark without being too obvious and therefore getting flat out rejected?


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  • No way to initiate a spark if he doesn't want to be lit. Seeing as he broke up with you he should be the one initiating so I think you should wait til you see a sign from him (when he isn't wasted). He knows you like him still you wasn't the one who called it off. Just wait it out still.

    • But we are meeting up to talk so what do i do?

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  • Just flirt and talk and be open. If he's interested he'll initiate stuff more often.


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