Has anyone ruined their chances with their crush?

I made a mistake, I ruined my only chance with my crush and I've been having anxiety over it for months. We started texting during the summer and I cut him off due to rumors. (I was stupid and I thought I was being played) We don't even talk anymore and I can't find myself to even look or speak to him due to my awkwardness. He probably thinks I'm rude and a horrible person. I don't know. I just really miss him. And the relationship didn't even take off.
If anyone else has ruined their chances with a crush, please share below


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  • Don't beat yourself up to much, I ruined my chances as well. She doesn't even talk to me anymore and even if she did it would probably be with disappointment and hatred. And like you no relationship ever came from it.

    It's a long story, but short version is she was my best friend at the time, her phone broke she randomly asked me to fix it and ask me not to go through it, I tried not to, but in order to fix it I sort of had to. And when I saw who she was texting I told a friend of mine and it backfired.

    That's the short version lol. But anyway, it sucks. I battle trying not to think I'm the worst person on the planet for "betraying" her trust. I'd tried everything to make up for it, truly I did. But still she hates me. So I leave her be.

    😔. Hope your guy comes around though.

    • Thanks and he was talking to a few other girls too so I don't know if thats good or bad

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  • I thought i did a couple months ago when they stopped talking to us (but now they have). Yes, I have a couple of times I believe, and that was when I was young and eager to have a boyfriend. You can still make it up. If you want to contact him, go to him and tell him that you are sorry for ignoring him and tell him what made you do it. Tell the truth, as much as it may hurt him, he'll have to give you credit that you are telling him not only the truth, but you came to apologize. He may feel upset, but tell him that your sorry for letting rumors get in the middle of your friendship. Try to plan it out what you'll say to him and find him when he isn't busy and you both can talk silently. If he is a true friend, he'll forgive you, but if he isn't he may get angry. If he does, don't let his anger upset you, stay calm and listen to what he says. When he is done, calmly tell him that you didn't want your friendship to end without an explanation and that you understand why he is angry. If he asks for space, let him be and he may come back to you when he is calm. I hope this helps :)


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  • Ya i did before and i sometimes i wish she could give me another chance. But i moved on even though sometimes i have the thought of wanting another chance with her.

  • i ruined my only chance.
    and after that i never tried.


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