Lead on for 2 1/2 years and can't get over him. It's killing me. I hate the guy but my heart love him still, How do I get over him?

It was 2 years ago cause it ended finally in July 2016. I fell in love with a friend of mine, he's super smart and *I though* very very sweet. We be came so close he was like my big brother, till I started developing feeling for him, I knew he wasn't the dating type. He was too much of a work man.*literfuckenly* I didn't mind it I wanted to be there for him help him when he needed it and calm him down. 3 months after I relied I had feelings for him I told him, that turn things completed he wanted to date me but wasn't sure if he should and after a long twisted made of wait wait wait he finally said I'm his "ravenXrobin" (OLD TT not new one) we dated for a good 5 months till his father found out and got mad, thinking his son was going to let me take over his life and everything, I beged him to talk to his father to stand up for us saying that he's old enough now to make his own life path. (He was after all) but he was under presser from his father and dumped me. Yeah I was mad that he didn't even fight but ig it was for the best, almost the rest of 2015 went by and I had gotten over him and had moved on gracefully my heart healed and very happy. He came back tho, said he had talked thing over with his dad and had gotten over our augment. It took me a moth to accept his apologies and accept him back for I had been talking to someone I liked but that guy was going to a midlife crises and needed alone time but before me and him could talk again he fell in love with the girl his with to day. ANYWAY back to the other guy. He asked me back out and we dated for 2 month (by now it was nearing the time in 2016 I dumped him) ir was horrible he never responded to text messages or fb chat AT ALL. I dumb him feeling very mad that he was being a jerk. Two days later I found him on a dating website and his best friend and Co worker told me he had been cheating on me THE ENTIRE TIME of the 2 months and while he was trying to get back with me.


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  • You're young and you'll get over it eventually.

  • Take some time for yourself. allow yourself to heal


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