My ex cheated on his new girlfriend with me? Why?

My boyfriend of 14 months and I broke up about a month and a half ago. We go to college 4 hours apart. He started dating a new girl 2 weeks after but also agreed to try again with me on the same day but dropped me 2 days later. For the first 2 weeks of their relationship, he told me they were just friends but in reality, they were already dating and told me at the end of those 2 weeks that they were official. Throughout the entire month of them dating, he sexted me at least 10 times but kept telling me he just wanted to be friends. About a week ago, he was still sexting me and told me he was going to break it off with this girl and then changed his mind 10 minutes into the conversation. The next day, I found out that they had been dating longer (the entire month, not just the 2 weeks) than he said and he told me she was a rebound but he still didn't think that us being together was right. He continued to sext me and agreed to meet up and we ended up hooking up. After, we talked about it, he told me he knew we were going to hookup but I asked him why he didn't leave and he said he didn't want to. He told his girlfriend everything and she was fine with it and they're still together and now he is ignoring all of my texts. Again, he's openly admitted to not really liking her that much and called her a rebound. His best friend also told me that he's been acting like a big shot and says my ex told him he's sleeping around but my ex told me that he hasn't slept with anyone since we broke up. But his new girl goes to school with him so if he has her, why is he sexting me? I also asked why he lied to me about their relationship for so long, and he told me that it was because he didn't want to hurt me. But if he didn't still have feelings for me, wouldn't he have just told me they were dating and cut me off entirely? I'm just really confused. Any input is appreciated!


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  • He saw a chance to get laid and took it

  • move on. everyone cheats


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