In the snap of a finger (poof) he left me for another woman?

I don't even know if I should call him my Ex.. So my boyfriend broke up with me after being in a 2+ year relationship. We never really argued, we were both head over heels for one another up until New Years Eve. He works long crazy overnight hours and gets off at the crack of dawn. I would come over every morning to spend as much time with him as possible before taking him to work late in the afternoon. I would also spend his 1 day off woth him. Here's the thing. During our whole two year relationship I never introduced him to my family. I'm 25 and he is 31. I am and have always been secretive about my guys that I've dated and whatnot. They knew of him and always questioned to meet him. It was me that never introduced him to anyone. That was the only major bump in the road ( that I could think of) So fast forward to NYE almost two weeks ago. He wanted me to come hang out with him at his job which is a bar, I didn't come because I was with my family celebrating. I told him ahead of time that I was going to be with them. On new years day I noticed he had changed so I asked if he was happy, if he had met someone else and he denied. SO the next day he was still acting sketchy and made a statement about someone loving him.. i found that weird because he already knew I loved him.. so a couple days go by and he stopped talking to me. He finally confesses that he is indeed seeing someone else and brags about how great she is and how she lets him sleep over at her place and how after 1 conversation with her he felt like they've known each other for years. After I started asking him the usual questions ( when? Why? How long?) He told me its been over 8 months ago and that he just kept me around for sexual pleasure. He basically left me for this woman, so my question is what do you guys/ladies think? Just a week before New Years he was all over me saying he loved me and how we need to just be open with everyone about "us" . Do you think he is gone? Or will he come back?


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  • Honestly I am a firm believer that the coming of a new year is always what breaks relationships and also new ones begin. As for answering your question, honestly I cannot blame the man for moving onto another female. It could be that he asked her what time frame she would introduce him to her family and she gave him an answer he was looking for. Yes it's harsh I know I've been left by an ex girlfriend for another man but what matters here is that you learn to not be so secretive about the men you date. Especially if you have been with them for 2+ years... because the truth is that if you are secretive about a guy you've been with for that long. You really shouldn't be dating him in the first place.

    As for him coming back just let him go, he may or may not come back but honestly just let it go and find a man you feel confident dating to where you are comfortable bringing him around your fam bam

  • He admitted to only staying with you for sex. He did not value what you had or he would not have left you for someone else.

  • He cheated on you for 8 months and you want him back?


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