My Ex girlfriend wants to meet me and talk. What can I do?

Hey guys,

It is been 5 months now since I broke with my ex girlfriend. She used me until she gets someone else. I knew it when I saw in her phone that there is someone she called "MON TRESOR meaning MY TREASURE" then I started staying away from her.

Now, we meet Yesterday. She asked me that she wants to meet with me and have a talk. She mentioned that it is not yet over until we talk.

Can I agree and meet with her? What do you think she wants to tell me?


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  • Hmm if you truly feel like you want to, if you see its pointless and a chance for her just to suck you back in then tell her, you're okay and wish her the best in the future.

    • Yes, I have that feeling that she wants now to end our relationship professionally with a talk between us. She is still with the other Guy, even if I don't know how it is going on between them!
      Thanks for your advice. Really appreciate.

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  • Who cares what she wants? You did the right thing. Fuck that!
    So many girls out there. Why would you even consider her again.


    Copy & paste this message to her:

    Hey! 🙂
    You mentioned it's not over until we meet up & talk?
    WRONG! It's over bitch!


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  • Yes just meet her. You will never know what she will discuss with you though..

    • Thanks. I was thinking because she didn't end our relationship clearly, she wants now to do it professionally because I know she is still with the other Guy. On my side, I have already started moving on.

      I will meet her. Thanks.

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