Unconditional love?

i was hella heart broken by my dad telling me shit all cracked out. kicked me out, sleep at friends, wore others cloths. on top of that i finished school dad was locked up.

Before that i was in a new class and was with my friend in the back. i see a girl walk up to well us but asked me if she can have this sit should have said no like my friend but was nice as fuck and said yeah whatever or something. so she tell me know how i was to swaggy like all day everyday. so i hurt her by like i dont want to be your friend because my friend dont like you its hella sad i even told her i went out with her so she can leave my otherfriend. I feel like i used her but tricked myself into loving her because my father and mother are something else.

She say she loves me but i dont love her anymore.

everytime we break up we get together because she wants me back. should i tell her mom i dont want to go out with your daughter Anymore


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  • There is no such thing as unconditional love.


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