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OK so me and my ex dated for a year and then his ex, which was his first love came back into town and he wanted to take a "break" and hang out with her. I didn't think that was fair so I broke up with him. now it's been about a month and I texted him the other day and I just needed some closure. and all he would say is that he was confused and he didn't know, and then he said he still wants me in his life, he said he doesn't know what will happen in the future.. and that he wants to meet and talk about it but he never ask me to come over or meet him anywhere, he never even text me first. what is up with him?


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  • leave him be. Any guy that would do this to you sucks. All he is doing is keeping you around so if things don't work out with his first choice (her) then he can fall back on you and save time trying to find another girlfriend. If he really felt that strongly about you and HAD to have you in his life he wouldn't need the other girl or even have to think about it. He is just stringing you along so he can have his cake and eat it to.

    Find someone that won't play games and enjoy yourself. Trust me on this, when you find the right guy you will know it and he will treat you like a goddess!

    Ditch the loser!


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