Sweet text ideas?

I wanna text my new crush something sweet that is not too creepy or lame that lets her know that I am interested in her. Girls: I need some ideas please, what would be a good thing to say?


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  • Well, before he became my boyfriend, my now boyfriend once sent me a text after I came out of a tutoring session late at night saying something like: "Hey. How'd it go in the tutoring session? Do you feel better? Have a nice night." I was back sick and feeling horrible back then, and I thought it was really sweet of him to be concerned. So my advice is, find an ocassion. Wish her good luck, ask her how something went, use something other than just wanting to text her as a reason. Maybe then it won't come out as forward as if you were to say: "Hey, how's it going? I like you." Now that would be too straight-forward.


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  • This is what my boyfriend sent me once, so adorable...

    Girl... I miss you so bad... I wish you were here

    Simple and perfect. I don't know what exactly you want to tell her.

    • Well, seeing this would be my 1st text to her, that might come across a little creepy :(

      I just want to tell her that I like her and am interested in pursuing something more than a friendship.

  • textin good night and good mornin are always good :) it's that simple... my older brother once got a girl to go out with him because he set his alarm every mornin for the time that the girl he wanted had to go to work and he'd send her a simple txt 'good mornin! hope you have a great day' and then went from there to stoppin by her work with coffee and stuff, but it broke the ice and she definitely knew he was interested.

  • send her something simple...like..."i've just been thinking about you and wanted to see how your days going. :)"

    I know it sound corny but we girls love corny! lol

  • if I was you I would say

    from the first day I meet you til this day I've always ahd something for you and now my feelings are getting stronger and I can't help but think about you all the time

  • Maybe something as simple as "Just thinking of you, hope you're having a good day!"


What Guys Said 2

  • If this is the first text you're gonna send her, I can't think of anything "sweet" you could say that wouldn't risk being creepy. I would recommend having a full conversation with her if anything. Just come up with some questions to ask her then let the conversation flow. This will start a precedent of you two texting. Then you can consider "sweet" texts.

  • How have you come to have her number?

    Did she give it to you? Did you ask for it? Were you friends before etc etc?

    • We went out for lunch after work on Saturday and I got her number then. I knew her briefly before she started working at my job but really didn't talk much.

    • Well she has gone on lunch with you and given you her number so that the foot in the door.

      I would text her saying something like this when you are not at work maybe preferably on a weekend or something like that.

      This is what you send. "Hey bro, you can buy that game off me if you want"

      Then she will likely text you back asking what you are going on about.

      This is your queue to say the following "Oh sorry, that was meant for my friend Dave (or whatever). I must have text you TBC....

    • By accident. For some reason I can't get you out of my head."

      See what her response is.

      Then ask if she is busy and if she'd like to do something during the day or the evening.

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