How Is This My Fault?

My ex boyfriend and I work together and lately he has gone off the deep end and a lot of people are worried about him. He started drinking again. Hanging out with the wrong people and he even confined in a coworker that he feels his life is all over the place and not right. Everyones looking at me like. “Kim this is your fault. Why don’t you talk to him? “This never would have happened if you stayed friends with him”

He wanted to be friends after we broke up I said no. I don’t really like being friends with my exs.

I talked him a couple days ago because someone told me he called me his favorite person. I asked him about it he said “Its true, you always have been always will be”

What he wants to do with his life is his fault not mine.


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  • he's using your break up as an excuse to let go. as an adult, he's capable of making his own decisions


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  • He is an adult. He is responsible for his actions. Not you. He is playing the pity me game. Let him play it alone.


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