Why did my boyfriend broke up with me?

We broke up 2 days ago. We were like happy couples before that , we never fight. Dated for 2 and half months. But every since my college reopens , he's been talking to everyone in school and being super cold to me and then he mentioned about breaking up. He said that our perspective is different and he doesn't feel like himself when he's with me but the point is every relationship has ups and down and lots of disagreement. I dont get why because of that he had to break up with me.


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  • It seems to me that you clearly explained why in your question. You listed all of the reasons.

    • But all the reasons that he said doesn't really make sense because we were doing just fine and suddenly he just broke up with me. There must be something triggered him to do so

    • Thanks!

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  • Because you want different things and he doesn't feel himself when he's with you.


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  • bogus excuse he really is just interested in someone else

  • Grammar.


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