Does the no contact rule always work out?

After 2 months of relationship , my boyfriend decided to end this relationship because he said that our relationship isn't working out , he has lost his feelings and faith in me. He couldn't be himself when he's with me and we have different perspective. But i don't really think thats the real reason.

Will no contact rule work out in this case? Would it make him wonder stop avoiding me? Would it make him wonder why i shut him out? Would it make him tell me the real reason of breaking up with me?


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  • The no contact rule is to forget about the painful relationship in your life not to play some mind trickery. I can see why your boyfriend left your ass 🙄

    • Not all the time. When my ex and I split I did no contact initially. I wasn't trying to fuck with him, but I was a damn wreck and I knew he would be more of a wreck seeing me be a wreck. I was trying to protect him.

    • I didn't mean to suggest that it wasn't possible to be legitimately using the no contact rule and end up back together but as you said you weren't trying to screw with him you just ended up back together. At the time that relationship was very painful and so you used the no contact rule. It clearly didn't stay that way.

    • I asked him how he's been to check on him he has me on Skype but will not remove me. I don't really know what's going on but it is what it is.

  • The issue here is that two months isn't a long time. NC works better for longer relationships - if he's having doubts after the 'honeymood' period 2 months in then are you sure you want to pursue it? May be better trying with someone else


What Girls Said 1

  • The point of the no contact rule is to try and get over them basically. If you're enforcing it, then your goal should be to get over him.


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