I ended things because I will get hurt, and now he is upset?

He is in a marriage, but will not be able to see his wife for several years because of living in two different countries, until she is able to move here. they have an open relationship/agreement about this during this time, due to the drastic amount of time they will be forced to live apart. This is all verified information, she is aware that he may seek casual relationships while they are apart. This post is not about their marriage, please dont make it about this.

Anywho, We met... exchanged numbers, he did not tell me about his situation until after we spoke the next day. So that was a huge disappointment to find out, but i really respected his straightforwardness and honesty.

We tried to be friends. But i started to realize things turning more for the physical vs. friendship. He seems very sexually frustrated due to having so much time apart from his woman. he seems emotionally distant when we are together, he keeps me at arms length. He keeps insisting we are "just friends" and things like this. It is very obvious his heart is somewhere else... but in the middle of a very sexually frustrating time.

i then realized this is obviously a completely dead end relationship, where i will be the one to get hurt.
So after careful thought. I said thats it, i can't do this.

I sent him messages the next day explaining the possibility of physical part in our friendship had to be over, but i would love to be friends. I really like you as a person, but you will never be mine, so I can't put myself through this pain. I said you will find another girl who can satisfy you the way you are looking to be satisfied, lets try friendship once you find that person.

He initially said everything was good, and we spoke a little bit after. The next day i checked in and said... when do you think we can continue being friends, should i wait until you find another girl?

Continued below...
He then got really upset that i told him to "find another girl".. ANd also felt like i was judging him... when i absolutely was not, because i have a deep understanding of what he is going through...

My question is, does he even have the right to be upset, when i am the person who will get their heart broken..

He already has a family, a spouse (things i do not have) what right does he even have to be mad, and is what i said regarding "finding another girl" Offensive? why does that bother him


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  • He's a human being for Christ's sake, for whatever reason of course he has every right to be upset.
    Are you seriously that heartless a person?

    • He does have the right to be upset, but the relationship he is seeking with me is selfish...
      How can he upset, when I am the person who he will leave to go back to his wife for when he is done having sex with me to release his sexual steam...

      He obviously cannot have a long term relationship with me, so do you think his pursuit is selfish?

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    • Do yourself a favor and Report yourself, and re-read all the nasty judgements, and attacks you have made on my character. You don't know how to give feedback, so don't give any.


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