Guys, I broke up with my ex via text. We were together 4 months. I regret it now & want him back. How LONG should I wait before I text him?

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  • I'm sure there was a reason why you broke up. Going back to an ex usually accomplishes nothing.

    • That's true.

      It's more for closure. In this instance I didn't try to even have a chat about it. He was being distant (he's always been more into his activities than me). But recently he had personal issues. But I guess I got fed up of him not sending me any messages and so I sent him a text to end it. But now feel I should at least try to make it work before I end it (that way I'll get closure at least)

  • Just contact him if you want to. Honestly there's no minimum time rule. Life is too short, if it was meant to be it will be. Good luck


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