Is it possible for us to get back together?

i had a boyfriend when I came to university, but then I began getting really close to one of my guy friends here and we started sleeping together. my boyfriend found out and obviously ended things. my ex and I still kept in touch and the new guy and I still acted like we were in a relationship.. but not officially. I told him I still had feelings for my ex, and at winter break I'd go home and would be spending time with him because I needed to figure out how I felt. during break I slept with my ex and realized that I didn't feel anything for him anymore. when I got back to uni, the new guy and I began officially dating and it went well for about three months. there were ups and downs because of it being out first year at school and I was so far away from home.. and also because we lived in the same building, had the same friends, and took the same course, so we never really had our space, which he didn't like. recently he found out that I slept with my ex during break and then broke up with me. I know I did something wrong, but at the same time I told him I wanted to be single and try to figure things out and I even told him that I still loved my ex. since the breakup though, he's said to me that he misses me but needs to be single right now. and we've slept together. then he'll decide that we can't sleep together and it makes everything so complicated, but then he'll come back a week later and decide to sleep with me again. the first couple times that happened he said he still loved me. and now it seems like he's just sleeping with me, and has no feelings. but we do things like watch movies together and he spends time in my room and puts his hands on mine.. and we even sleep in the same bed without actually doing anything... yet he says he only sees me as his good friend. it's close to summer break, and he said we can see how it goes when school begins again, but not to keep my hopes up. I don't know what he feels.. because if it was so recent that he said he loved me.. how can it go away so quickly? and if he JUST wanted to sleep with me, how come he still comes to my room all the time to just sit and chat, or to watch films? is he just saying he doesn't love me anymore for his own sake so he doesn't have to deal with the pain of being away from each other for three months? or is he really just using me?

also.. during the time when we've been broke up, but still sleeping together.. we still hang out all the time.. and basically act like we're in a relationship, but just without the title. it's a bit odd. because he's said we're "just sleeping together
as friends"... but we still do all the same things things that we did when we were dating, except holding hands in public, etc... our closest friends have even noticed and asked if we've gotten back together.. because we're doing all the same things,
just without the title of "dating"... does this at all mean he still loves me.. but just wants to have the upperhand on the relationship right now, and acts like he doesn't care?


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  • I think he's just using you. Nothing good can really come out of this with either guy...


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