I cheated on him but he wants me back?

i cheated on my boyfriend and he broke up with me, while we were broken up i started talking to his uncle and he found out about that too i didn't know this was his uncle, im 16 and his uncle told me he was 27 but was actually a lot older but obviously i was too stupid to see that, i kept begging and begging for him to take me back because i love him, after all this happened he was telling me he would never forgive me and called me a sl**t and i felt like he was never going to talk to me again, a month later i messaged him because i missed him so much and he messaged me back and started talking to me and i was so shocked because he was being so nice, acting as if nothing happened, he was telling me i deserve better than him and i was confused because im the one who cheated on him but he's saying i deserve better? i dont know if he's trying to play some game or something but i need to know is this him forgiving me or what is he trying to do. also when he found out i cheated on him he didn't confront me or anything he acted normal in the relationship, i couldnt even tell that a thing was wrong, and then he cheated on me back and told me he did because he wanted me to know what it feels like, but the fact that the whole time he knew i cheated on him he was planning this revenge scares me, i dont know if he's trying to do it again because i talked to his uncle thats why he's being so nice, im getting paranoid and i actually dont think i deserve him after what i did, but i really do love him and want to make it work, he's the man i want to marry spend the rest of my life with.


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  • What exactly was your relationship with his uncle?

    • nothing really, he took me out bought me stuff and we kissed once and after that i found out he was me ex's uncle so i cut him off

    • i can't fault you for that

  • lucky u go bak to him

  • Neither one of you can change what has happened in the past but it will take both of you to make something work. You both need to regain one anothers trust because this sounds like he cares but he did what he did only to hurt you.


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