If we totally get along and liked each other over the phone for 2 years. does it make sense to end it because long distance and cultural barrier?

i feel sad that im ending it because i remember the good times and fun times. is it good enough reason to end it becaise i feel the cultural and language barrier could be big and long distance is not easy. also we would be getting married after seeing each other for a total of 3 weeks.
  • Yes. those are good enough reasons to break off an engagement
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  • No. not enough reason
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  • Any reason is a good reason to end a relationship you aren't 100% about. Sure there's good times, in every relationship there's good times however you have to listen to your feelings and do what you think is best for yourself.


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  • seems like you got tired of trying. kinda sad


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  • No!
    Cultural can be stepped over and overcome


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