Ldr ex girlfriend wants me to spend some time with her and her friend?

Hi all, We broke up 2 months back but still kept in contact. The breakup was mutual due to the distance and different perspectives. After we broke up, she will initiate contact 2 or 3 times a week. I'm always cordial and reply her texts. 2 weeks back she asks to meet up as she will be near a city where i live. she's on vacation with her girlfriend (trip was arranged prior to the breakup). I will be spending 2 nights with them. The thing is after i've agreed, she stop texting me. i will be meeting her in 2 weeks time and i am having reservations. I have feelings for her still and i do not know what is her intentions for meeting. also tho the breakup was mutual, there was a lot of things left unsaid. what is her intentions for meeting up? it's only 2 months after the breakup, can she be meeting purely as friends? we dated for 8 months prior to break up, can she have moved on just after 2 months? i think of her everyday but i never show it while we kept in contact after the breakup. do you think she feels the same way?


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  • She either wants 2 days of fun or just wants to meet up with you in person.


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