Why do guys always try to get their friends laid?

Hey guys,

So.. your friend calls and tells you that he just broke up with his girlfriend and he needs to hangout. You take him out to the bar with the intention of getting him laid.

My question is, why? Why do you think getting laid will help?


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  • It can help -- it won't necessarily help him get over his ex, but he doesn't necessarily have to face an empty bed that night.

    He can potentially have some warmth and affection and some casual sex. It won't fix the broken heart but it can possibly address some of its immediate symptoms -- a temporary "painkiller" if you will.

    Plus it's just kind of in our nature -- chauvinistic comradery sort of thing.

    • Depends on the severity of the broken heart. If it's really severe, just being with another woman might only make him miss his ex more. If it's not quite that severe, it might temporarily ease his pain to not go home to an empty bed.

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    • @msfree I think in that reverse scenario, the behavior between males and females is not quite as different.. like girls might have a cheerful party in that case to welcome back their girlfriend and maybe have a good time together. In terms of our approaches to try to mend the broken heart of a friend, maybe males and females differ a bit more.

    • So it's basically about helping him take advantage of his newly found freedom by having sex with women other than his ex.. Not necessarily to find him another girlfriend. That makes sense.

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  • it ain't no fun if the homies dont get none lol just to quote snoopdogg and dr dre lol


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  • No, your original question is click bait.. Ever heard of a wing man?

    • Yes but why do you think it will help with his break up?

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    • Well if that's the case, wouldn't a night at the movies also be a distraction? What is it about being with other women that helps?

    • Comfort.. Just because a guy has a wingman that sets him up doesn't mean that he's going to get laid. It is a two way street. Some guys would rather just express their hurt instead of getting a "pity fuck"

  • I guess it's just naturally wired, I like helping my friends get laid


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