Girls, if you wanted to get your ex boyfriend back, what would you do? Please help?

Me and my boyfriend were going out for just over a month and things were great! We moved really fast, met families, said I love you but it felt right. We spent loads of time together. When I came back from his he sent me a message saying he loves me as normal and then he went off grid. Didn't reply to any of my messages etc until I messaged his mum to make sure he was ok and then he told me we moved too fast, it put him off and he's planning a move to Edinburgh. I would love to ask him can we try again but slower this time but I don't know. I really miss him! He still has me on facebook but restricted. And he hasn't blocked my number. I got a snapchat off him last night but it was on a story so not directed at me.


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  • You have to let go and live your life. He is either going to miss you or he is going to move on from you. It is a tough thing to do but texting and calling all the time will not make it better.

    • I wasn't going to text or call all the time. I know going no contact will maybe work so that's all I can do really

    • Just go do stuff to improve yourself... that is the best way to make someone miss you or regret leaving you. Show him what he is missing out on by being happy and successful

    • Thanks. I will try that

  • just let go , we all have been there and we know your pain but there is not much you can do about it.

    • I have to contact him at some point to get my stuff tho

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    • I will! I'm hoping he will miss me and come back

    • yeah well , can't blame u...

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