Girls, girl keeps looking at me and I dont know why?

I started to see a girl who works in a store close to home every weekend, as i do my shopping on the weekend due to work. So at first I thought she looked kind of hot, so I glanced every now and then. she was at the checkout and then I noticed that she was kind of friendly ( more friendly than any of the others). I though nothing at this point and started talking but then noticed how she just carried on and telling me she wasn't going out n shopping online etc. even though i didn't ask.

So the next time i walked past her and she was looking me up n down as she was stacking shelves. then she noticed me looking back and smiled so at this point there is nothing to go on as she only looking right?

Then I noticed she continued to look at me every time she saw me, and always making conversations about random things. she is the only one who does this out of like 300 people who work there and she doesn't do this to her other customers.

I got talking to her colleague on facebook as i know her. I asked who that girl was and that she is hot and she didn't know because she was new.. I said id ask her who she is next time i see her, which i didn't. So when I went in the girl looked nervous and the others was teasing her and kept looking at me. I avoided her at this time. So weeks after i go to her checkout and she starts talking about her going on a night out n she only has like 30 minutes to get home n get ready. I say do you live far she assumed I was offering her a ride home which i wasn't n she said my mother is waiting outside. After serving me she carried on walking with me until i said have a good night.

So My friend confirm who she was and via facebook because he knows her I accidentally liked her photo by accident but didn't add her. so now every time she sees me she keeps staring at me like every time she sees me. so she was looking as I walked up to her checkout but I went to a different one and she was just staring at me in silence and stopped talking to her co workers.


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  • she might not realise she is staring at you

    • She only just started as before she would only glance, I did accidentally like her photo and was like damn lol. My fault. But yeah now she just keeps looking more than ever.

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