Girls, Girl at store keeps starring at me?

So me and this girl at a store always talking when she's serving me , but she's always telling me about her personal life without me asking etc. N looking me up n down so I got talking to her work colleague on Facebook n asked who this hot girl is , n she said she's new so she didn't know so I said ok I'll ask her myself next time. So after the gym I went in and they kept teasing her n the girl who I know was smiling at me etc. N the girl in question who I though was hot was acting nervous. I left it at this point. The time after I went to her checkout and she we was talking about stuff m she was just like I have 30 minutes to get home n get ready to go out I was like damn you live far? She assumed I was offering her a lift and said her mother is outside waiting she kept dropping my milk n acting clumsy. I was like oook have a good night so left on friendly terms. So my friend a few weeks after told me who she was I looked her up on Facebook and accidentally liked her photo. So now she keeps staring at me EVERYTIME she sees me. Like not giving me the evils just like more than usual. Because she had no work I did t see her in store so this was weeks after. I didn't even add her so. But then why does she keep looking at me. I went to a different t checkout and as I was putting me stuff out she went quiet and I could sense her just staring at me when I had my back to her. I normally go to her checkout but I didn't this time. So why she all of a sudden going quiet when I'm around and staring at me even when people are talking to her. I'm kind of confused


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  • she's got a staring problem


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