Moving to a different state help with a break up?

Okay so it's been a couple of weeks with trying to get over my ex boyfriend weather it's going to the bookstore, movies, hanging out with friends or family but I seem to just want to keep crying and things don't really help when my ex friends blame us breaking up on me when it was my ex boyfriends fault or the fact that my ex keeps being immature on social media like us breaking up doesn't effect him or that his happy that he doesn't have drama in his life anymore and he gets a clean slate with new friends in the new year. Now I feel like moving and getting out of the state I live in since I don't feel like I fit in anywhere all I want to do is move back to my hometown and start all over. Another thing my ex ended up getting me a necklace for my birthday that he gave to me a couple of days before we broke up and I don't know what to do with it? Every time I look at I end up crying and heart broken again I just don't know what to do.


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  • You shouldn't let his immaturity drive you out of town. Unless you're already thinking of going back to your hometown anyway, stay where you are,, you have friends and family there. Just do something different! Maybe take a trip somewhere fr away for a short time. New sights and experiences will help you put his nonsense out of your thoughts.

    • I can't really stay anymore because all of his friends practically live near me and every time they see me they call me a slut and a whore because they think I did something in the relationship when it was the opposite and my ex was the one doing it. But my best friend did say I should go on a vacation back to my hometown since I do have friends and family there too and he is willing to come with me too since we have other high school friends who are stationed for the military there and he really misses them as well.

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    • I didn't his idiot friends shared it I was actually doing great before they did that and I was starting to slowly get back to being myself and then everything with down the drain but honestly he doesn't even exist to me anymore it's like he is someone who has passed away in a sense who grave your never going to visit.

    • After I did all the blocking and getting rid of the necklace which I threw in the trash where it belongs.

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  • Stay off of Facebook and social media for awhile. Cuz anytime you see him or your ex friend you'll feel like this.
    If you really want to move back to your home state do it. I feel like it's partly running away for your problems and not facing them but maybe you need a clean slate and being alone leaving that life behind you. Maybe just test the waters and take a trip home and just be around loved ones for a week.
    As far as the necklace goes. You need to give it to one of your friends so they can take care of it. Get it out of your house so there is nothing left that reminds you of him.

    • I have tried to face them with the help of my friends who don't talk to my ex anymore either since he pretty much called me a sex doll and the same night tried to get with my best friends younger sister and he get really protective with his sisters but the problem is now that my ex friends live near me and every time they see me they end up calling me a whore and slut. My guess is that before my ex left he told them lies as well and left. As for the necklace I called the jewelry place and they said that I can return it and get some else in its places they just have to make sure that it's within the 30 days that it was bought.

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    • Sure! You can message me if you want.

  • Why do you keep following him on social media

    • I don't have him on social media anymore we have mutual friends who comment and like his things and I end up seeing it.

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    • Good for you

    • Thank you I just have really good guy friends who know how my ex is and they just tell me that with time I will find someone better than him and I didn't need the drama and high school attitude he was bringing into the relationship.

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