Why my ex-boyfriend keeps calling me, does that mean he wants me back?

My ex and I broke up months ago, both of us are too proud to admit who's fault it is, we still talk on the phone, but usually end up fighting, we get jealous when some guy/girl post flirty comments on each others FB. I admit I miss him sometimes, when I asked him if he wants to get back with me, he said the past still hurts him, how could he say that when it's me who was badly hurt...I don't understand what he wants from me.


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  • if you were already badly hurt from him, then don't take him back and risk it. if you guys are still fighting on the phone even tho you guys aren't together, its never gonna end. the fights. the jealousy. obviously there's trust issues if you guys are jealous. that's not a good relationship. I personally think you should quit talking to him for a while. for yourself. so you can pull it together and remember the real you. I'm sure there will be plenty more guys out there that are interested. once your completely over him then you guys could definitely be friends. but if you continue now, nothing goods gonna come out of it. you just don't take a past unstable unresolved relationship and try to put it back together. kinda like the saying I really like but it kinda hurts "INSTEAD OF TRYING SIT BACK ANALYZING A SITUATION, THINKING WHAT COULDA SHOULD WOULDA HAPPENED, JUST LEAVE THE PIECES ON THE FLOOR AND MOVE ON". do you what you thinks best but just think about what you REALLY want in a relationship. don't lower your standards for anyone

    • You are so right, thank you, this is really helpful.

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