Broken family or unhappy?

I have a friend that married this girl because he got her pregnant. He had a broken home and so did i, so I know what he means. Anyway. He's a guy you can't control and he's being controlled by his wife. He can't talk to people unless it's her family etc. He has two kids by her and he always said he would marry the girl he got pregnant because he doesn't want his kids to be like him. Basically he's staying for his kids. I would leave and fight for custody. In my opinion a fake family is just as bad. What do you think?


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  • A common phrase heard by a child with parental circumstances such as this is "The only reason why I stayed married was because of you."

    That's the worst possible thing you could do to a kid because the child will pick up on the resentment and disconnection between his mother and father and blame him/herself the entire time, unable to address this emotional hazard on his/her own until the damage has already been done.

    It would be much easier if the child were to be raised while these parents are in better moods, which may mean separation.

    • I totally agree. I don't think two homes are that bad.

  • yeah i agree its not going to work out he will eventually get fed up and leave

    • I think, so too. I feel it's over control and he's had that his whole life.

  • you are correct


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