Why did my ex downgrade? Is this an insult to me?


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  • He obviously didn't see it as a 'downgrade' and saw this new girl as likely having something he wanted that he was unable to get from you.

    • I moved on right away and don't want her back. I have a different girlfriend and I am really happy. I just saw a picture and was like what the hell.

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  • Chances are you're the only one who thinks it's a downgrade.

    • I have a lot going for me and my new girlfriend is hot, so I am not worried about that. I just wanted people's opinion in general and not really that specific to my situation. I guess if you ask the question people just think as long as she is happy it is a upgrade. I am not going to go in specifics but I just wanted a general opinion and not specific to my situation

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  • If you care about who your ex is with, than it is YOU who is the "downgrade".

    • I don't care about her but I feel like you always end up seeing your exs new BF/gf. I moved on a long time ago but just wanted to get people's opinion but it appears people just think if she is happy it is not a downgrade

    • I agree. If she's happy then it's not a downgrade no matter how much more money, attractive, etc you are or think you are than him.

    • I don't hate her or anything and hope she is happy. She had some issues that needed to be addressed and if he can help her with stuff, that the rest shouldn't matter. I am pretty wealthy and would still help her if she really needed something but he is not a good looking dude.

  • Maybe she doesn't think it's a downgrade do you have pictures?

    • I was just asking as a general question. If you see your exs new gf/BF and they are not good looking and/or successful does that reflect on you. It seems like the general concenus is that is they are happy that stuff doesn't matter

    • It's not an insult to you, no

    • Good, I hope she is happy.

  • It's a downgrade in your mind, maybe not hers.

    • I guess but I feel like the only way he wouldn't be is if he just did everything she said

  • Are you basing this solely on looks?

    • Yes, because I know nothing about the guy, but I am really sucessful person.

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    • If I had only dated her for a few months I prob wouldn't be as nice about it. I do believe in karma and I think what goes around comes around to people that can't handle situations like an adult

    • I completely agree, unfortunately not everyone seems to view it that way!

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  • There is likely an ulterior motive then like money

    • I think she wanted a person that works 40 hours a week so he could be there at all times when she needed something. She didn't not like that I worked a lot but I was just working as hard as I could to setup ourselves financially in the future. She did not see it this way and looked at my work ethic as a negative because she would always say she wished we made the same amount of money.

    • That sounds like she is making excuses your being really smart trying to be good financially. It's on her.

    • It is her loss. She will regret it more and more as time goes by. People don't understand the real world when they are younger and by the time she figures it out it will be too late to change anything in her life.

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