Did my ex break up with me because I was too jealous?

So my exes excuse was he doesn't want a relationship anymore, but I have realised now that he has a sort of jealousy problem. He would get incredibly insecure when a boy would message me on instagram and twitter, and i'd be so open with it because i didn't want him to think i was messaging them back - i was simply not interested. When id go out with my GAY guy friend he'd constantyl make comments and roll his eyes. Also when id go out to a club he would ask me loads of questions like 'did anyone buy you a drink?' 'did you speak to anyone?' - sometimes he'd even accuse me of getting with someone when i didnt! he was very manipulative with his jealousy and it made him into an insecure person; and BAM out of no where he dumps me but assures me that i am the 'most attractive girl he'd ever get' but just can't be in the relationship anymore?
Is it possible a guy dumps you because he is sick of being jealous?
Sorry there is a major typo in this question, it's meant to be 'did my ex break up with me because HE was too jealous?' i wasn't jealous at all lmao
Hi is there a anyone to answer this question? please


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  • Maybe but why do you care? He's sounded like a controlling jerk

    • He was but unfortunately im still in love with him

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    • It's been 3 months and we have mutual friends and it seems he hasn't been with someone since. He didn't leave me for soemone else

    • Why do you want him? Do you think he'll change or that you can make him change? Do you enjoy being with a controlling jerk? Is that your idea of a dream boat?

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