How do I know if he misses me?

It has been about 25 days since we heard from each other. There was not a single day that I didn't think about him (crazy right)? This whole time, I have been trying to stay strong to not contact him.

Granted, I wonder if he misses me too even though he's not reaching out to me like I am? He was basically the one who ended the relationship aspect of things but wanted to stay friends with me due to the long distance. I told him I couldn't stay friends when I'd rather work it out, I said goodbye and he says he understands/respects it and wished me the best.

I wonder if he's just giving me space because he knows he hurt me? Or this is really done. Anyone else think he will come around


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  • no i think he will move on

  • If he cares he would make an effort

    • I care too but I'm not making an effort at all

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    • Reading that I don't see him contacting you again. I am sorry but I just don't see him making an effort

    • What made you say that?

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