Not interested in anything else right now. Whats the meaning from my ex bf?

What does it mean when a guy says well to me its my ex boyfreind that they are not interested in anything else right now? We broke up 9 months ago and since then have stayed in contact and slept together all these months. At times he did not think it was a good idea but it never stayed that way. He always says side comments about things like about me with other people which i am not. We both are not. these comments are things that make it seem like he's still interested. Well we also talk about family and on other things like he is still interested in it all. Last night he invited me to go to the bar for his cousins birthday. I declined bc it was late. He asked a few times and said come as a freind and then said I am not interested in anything else right now and asked if I was ok with that? and asked if I understood where he was coming from. What does that even mean? Is that a leeway into possible something in the future or what? He is a confusing character to say the least but I hope so.


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  • He means that the status quo suits him right now and therefore lets continue as we are and not advance it to anything more. Perhaps he sensed that you might want more and decided to say something.

    • He knew since our breakup how I felt about him still and all this time that we have been together after too. In a way I think that he's possibly not interested in anything just yet as he wants his life situated. When we broke up he was struggling with employment and I think it played a majore role in him breaking up with me. He told his best friend he needed his life in order before he could take care of someone else. He had employment but i believe that ended and he's looking again. You never know though. I still have hope but not banking on it

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