Was he talking about me?

So my boyfriend and I broke up for some reason that's still unknown to me like 2 weeks ago. Since then he's been commenting heavily on my best friends facebook posts. (My ex and my best friend are friends and on the same basketball team but they rarely talk outside of school or on social media) My best friend kept screenshotting the comments and texting them to me. (I didn't ask him to do that) Then yesterday he posted something about how he hated being distant from "her" with sad faced emojis and "I just wanna chill with her". So I'm trying to figure out if he was talking about me. This wouldn't be the first time he's referred to me as "her" on social media cause we kept us kinda low key. I was pretty sure he was talking about me until I remembered he and his basketball team went to some event out of state that day so he might have been talking about another girl and he might have been talking about literal distance. I don't think he would've moved on so quickly, but I'm not sure. Honestly I do wanna get back together with him cause it was a pretty good relationship for a high school relationship. I don't know why we broke up, but I'd like to get back together.


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  • no he wasn't


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