S. o. S my friend and her husband?

Guys my friend is in a situation I can't believe with my own eyes , I fought being broken hearted is awful , her situation is the worst ! She was pregnant and the father left her in a attempt of getting him back she run almost a entire street it was cold and she lost her 1 month pregnancy , on top of that food keeps on disappearing from her house and this because her husband cooks. a bunch of it and ends up eating it all he cooked a family sized pasta said it was to last for days and eventually nothing. Before 2 days it was all gone , she is passing hungry and do not know if she lost the baby or not ! I consider what he is doing abuse to a pregnant woman , they also have fights everyday and he is highly insensitive what should I do? Is he cheating or taking food to someone else?


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  • Abuse to a pregnant woman? That sounds like some non-existent absurdity.

    She was the one who ran across the street in an attempt to get back at someone. 100% her fault.

  • that would be a weird way to cheat i think he's taking it somewhere else


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