After my break up, my girlfriend was with someone else. Now she wants to come back?

after my break up my girlfriend was with someone else for 2 yrs. now she wants to come back as she had no future with that guy and now the guy is also moving out of town.

she left me for him saying that she would come back to me after 2 years. basically they both are in same college and so she wanted to be with him for 2 years till her college finishes then come back to me and be mine forever? but this thought only is very shocking...

We had a 2yr long so called"friendship"(though it was a single sided love from my side).It took 2 years of us talking whole day and night to get her into a committed relationship with her. We used to talk every time just kept on sending text to each other each second were so much in love with each other that we could not just part with each other for a single day also she even told about me to her parents and announced that she'll marry me. This was after 2yrs of friendship and 1 year of love relationship(3 years in total).But after this she found a new guy and slowly started talking to him a lot. This new guy initially told her that he loves her. Then one day she popped me the question of giving our relationship a hold as she wanted to be with the new guy. She knew that she had no future with the guy then also she left me. She kept telling me that she would eventually come back to me after her remaining two years of college finish. She wanted to be with the new guy for 2 years and then would come back to me and marry me. But over this time I kept insisting her to please come back to me but she did not.

she was my first love and I just can't forget her. I don't know what to do.

in time after my break up I did not try to find a new girlfriend also I just kept clinging to her memories.

she had a past with 2 guys and maybe she was physical with one of them as when I slept with her she was not a virgin.

for me she's the first and last girl in my life.

now as her college is nearing end,she has started talking to me on her own and popped me the question that whether I would like to marry her. As her boyfriend will now not be with her. She also says that she loves her boyfriend only and not me and asks me to marry her?

she says that after me and his new boyfriend she will not be able to love anyone else...Is this bull sh*t? Or she is true?

what kind of girl is this? What does she feel? I am so very confused... I don't have any idea to as whether she ever loved me or not or she just needs someone with her continuously...Or what?

now what should I do? should I take her back in my life? will she be faithful with me?

please help me girls...Please help me understand her and her feeling...


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What Girls Said 1

  • That's mest up she's leading you on.

    She sounds like such a gardining tool if you ask me.

    Forget about her,she's using you as rebound.


What Guys Said 1

  • k let me get this straight.. So you love a girl that says I love you but I don't wanna be with you, and goes to some1 else for 2 years, and then says she will come back and marry you. Bro wtf are you smoking number one. That's like saying I will marry you, have kids with you, and then leave your family to make another one for 2 years and then return to yours. Bro leave her alone, she's clearly bi-polar and you are too much of a nice guy. Once some1 has screwed you over, they don't deserve to see your face. Next time she asks you if you wanna marry her say no. And she the swap of emotions she has. I think you need to see that, so you can see that she's a snake and immature. And from the sounds of it, she sounds like she's still 15..


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