Six months on and still finding it hard. Normal?

My ex broke up with me six months ago, I was devastated and didn't see it coming at all. Since then twice she's come back only to tell me it isn't what she wants any more.. six months later and its still all I can think about. I've got a new job focused on the gym, hooked up with other women etc. but nothing seems to change.. any advice on how to move on or other peoples stories are appreciated.


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  • Absolutely! I was with my ex for 7 and a 1/2 years and those were on and off too and a yr of just sexual relationship at the end but took me almost 3 years to fully get over the damn guy. So best to say go at your pace and let it take it's time. But if she keeps coming back no wonder your not healing properly too


What Guys Said 1

  • You know, I would say that if you aren't over someone after 3 months, then you're doing things to keep yourself in misery. You need to go out there and date. Like do some online dating, take out any girl, and pretend like she's the greatest thing in the world. The idea is to spend some time trying to make someone else happy rather than just wallowing in your own self pity.

    One could argue that it's kind of mean to use someone like this, but whatever. ;-)


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