Girlfriend broke up with me and said she needed some time and space?

we broke up on new years day, after an argument we had on new years eve. we talked, i apologized, said she needs time and space. i said ok.

that weekend i went to her house and i gave her a framed handwritten note promising her that i will change. that same night i lost the keys to my house, and i went to hers and we slept together.

we woke up, and she said please im begging you to keep your promise and give me time. and i said can we meet up in 2-3 weeks and talk about it? she said yes.. that was January 8

i have not talked to her since in any way. i am dying to talk to her. i am dying to see her. and i'm dying to have a final answer from her what is going on between us.

my question is. should i wait for her to contact me? or should i just text her this weekend and ask to meet up?


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  • don't try to contact her just wait until the 8th and see if she calls or messages you, it may push her away if you try talking to her. Just find something to keep you occupied. Maybe you should also use this time to think if the relationship is right for you also.


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  • Lol you are a beta male. Also pro tip when women say they need a break or time apart it means that they want to fuck someone and not feel guilty about it because technically you guys were on a break.

    • I thought that could be the case also.

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    • Do you honestly think she won't be sleeping with someone else in the two weeks though?
      I only think that could be why as I no someone who has done that before, and afterwards she went back with him. How long were you both together for? If you truly can't wait then do it but i honestly think wait and think if she is really right for you. Was the argument use had really that bad to break up over or was it something small that she over reacted?

    • Easy boys and girls! She maybe doubting herself you and your relationship. She may have expected a proposal or something during the holidays and it didn't show so now she's doubting it all

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  • Respect her wishes. Be a man of your word.


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  • I would just fall back. Give her some space. She's busy with other guys right now...


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