I need help. how do you stop or get rid of feelings of a ex?


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  • Try to fall in love with something, not someone since you're not ready yet. It could be anything -- a new hobby, for example, or an old one you formerly loved that you can pick up again. At some point that can consume your mind to the point of pushing her further and further back in your mind. You'll know you are getting better when you wake up excited and motivated to do this thing you love without thinking about her at all.

    • A lot of people suggest to keep yourself busy but that's not enough to me. You should be busy doing something you love. That love for this something can start to override that love for your former ex. Build a dream revolving around this activity and actively pursue it. A broken heart is like having a dream you built crushed. You get better when you start pursuing a new dream, and it doesn't have to revolve around a girl.

    • Thank you so much much for taking the time to say all that. The amswer you gave me will help. I was in a 10 year relationship. I have a child with her. doing something different is something I have tried. I will try to find something new. I will have to change routine. but seing every week (because of my son) its hard to step away for a little while.

    • Cheers. I had a case where a fiancee got cold feet and broke up with me the day after I celebrated with my friends that we were to be married -- kind of pulled the whole rug under my feet and left me empty -- she was kind of my whole life dream and represented everything I ever wanted. Took ages for me to recover, but it started to accelerate rapidly when I fell in love with some old hobbies (illustration and music composition in my case).

  • 1st off if you haven't already break off all contact with her, that means unfriend on social media etc. Then you need to get out spending time with friends, family and doing things you enjoy. You will still have feelings but it won't be as bad as if you have nothing to do. Then when your ready meet other women, you don't need to really do anything but just testing the waters and seeing that there are other women who could be interested in you can help a lot.


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