Should I try to get her back? or should I take off my heart and go on ...

i had a relationship with this girl that I liked too much.. I was in love with her and I respected her , I even never tried to sexually approach her even I was crazy about her, I taught she deserves to be respected and I promised my self to save " sexual things " to after getting married.. we were having a very nice relation , and I am pretty sure she was in love with me...

she was my everything ... but she left me and my heart is broken, no , actually I don't think I still have one.. anyway the reason she left me is that " I'm too good for her, and that I deserve better than her'' I mean how can she know ?

it's her that I love , it's her that I want,it's her that I need in my life , with all my respect to all women around the world but I think she's the best

she was the most beautiful thing happened to me, but she left me , it has been 5 months now , I tried to get her back , over and over but it was failure every time...

now it has been about 2 months that we never talked , never seen each other, I now nothing about her , except that one time she saw me and she acted like she didn't

i don't know , I feel like humiliating my self , but I can't help it.. I am really in love and I don't know what to do ...

i hope someone will answer me , I really need your help



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  • omg I am in the same position as you, but I left them because I now believe all boys are the same, but you clearly not, I think you have to tell her exaclty how you feel before its too late belive me, I've felt the 'too late' effect and it hurts so much I don't think I can fall in love again, so please call her/meet up with her and tell her EXACTLY how you feel ! hope I helped x

    • Thank you so much for answering and sharing your feelings... but I think I'm already in the " too late " situation , I tried talking to her, I told her that I love her, I did everything possible, I even felt I'm humiliating myself for her.. but it was failure every time

      i even told her that I would forget her if she did anything wrong, because when she told me that I'm too good for her I felt like she did something wrong and she's afraid that I'll find out.. I am really confused..

      thanks again

    • Sorry I meant that " I even told her that I would forgive her if she did anything wrong " I didn't meant forget her , I'm just too confused , and this word "forget her" is the only thing going around my head right now

      I think she don't want me anymore , and I think I should find a way the accept that fact without hating her , may be I should like if she was dead or that she had to travel somewhere far and never will come back ...

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