Guys, He said he's done having sex with me? What now?

I've been having great sex with someone for 3 years. We do it often and we definitely have feelings for one another. We talk all day every day. He initiates all the contact. I pissed him off and now he said he is done with sex. I know deep down that isn't what he wants.. Hell... He was just begging for it the other day. So what should I do? I definitley don't want it to end and don't want to chase him either. And don't judge me please. I'm content with our relationship


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  • trust me as soon as he gets horny again he will come crawling back

    • And when he does should I say no? I don't want to be so easily available especially since he turned me down. I want him to work a little.

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    • That's what I was thinking. If I don't value myself and let anything slide then why would he ever value me? If I make him work for it then maybe he won't play these games again. There is always the chance he will find someone else. But if he does then I guess he never cared that much to begin with.

    • you are exactly right now make sure you stick to that because I know it's hard when they want you back but remember you are worth it

  • may be he is getting bored.. n try someone better

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