Does she really like me or she's just playing? And should I talk to her?

We broke up 2 months but been on and off with each other. She's says she still likes me but a few days ago she's like I don't know I feel. So I stop talking to her. I was a little heart broken because she's says she likes me and then just i don't know. I've been chasing her ever since the break up and she always says she likes me back. Then I started posting things about being sad and stuff. Few days later, my friend says she feeling lonely now. Like everyone is distant from her even her friends that are also my friends. She doesn't like thinking or talking about me because she gets into her feelings. Also I broke her heart now by not speaking to her. What do I do?


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  • Ok 1) i think the best thing for you to do is to just keep your distance from her because she clearly doesn't know what dhe wants so give her space and time to think about it 2) it seems to me she wants your attention a lot so instead of her feeling bad for you, your feeling bad for her, it seems like she is playing with your emotions a bit mate, and im gonna be honest, only reason im saying that is because i have done the same thing myself when I've dated a guy 3) if she is saying to you that you broke her heart, and only a few days ago she said she doesn't know if she likes you or not, she is clearly trying to make you feel bad for her so she gets all the attention, id say keep your ground and tell her that you need a break from her so you both have time to think about what you two really want


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