How to get over rejection?

We were just beginning so it's not a proper break up. He's still looking at all my snaps and Facebook and Instagram.
we finished as I had a feeling he was talking to other girls I knew and he refused to answer. He's been starting conversations with me but they have been very dry. I've asked to hang out twice and he's made up excuses and lied about where he was. Ignoring me unless he starts the conversation.
I've deleted his number and what's app and all messages.
i really want to delete his Facebook and Instagram but I don't want to look like a psycho.
though we weren't serious I really did like him and I miss talking to someone every day. Any tips to win him back or even just to make myself feel better?


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  • It's not about you looking like a psycho. Just delete it immediately and let him be.. it's billions of people in this world so why worry about 1 single person. Enjoy life and let him be If he can't treat you right why even waste energy on a someone who lies?

    • I dunno I guess I'd like him to change his mind, when he sees pictures of me looking good I don't know that's me being a bit pathetic :(

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    • I don't know id just rather him think omnthe one that got away than the one he ran away from for being needy xx

    • Ms you can't make someone feel that way if they aren't interested. If you feel you are being needy then just RELAX and let him come to you

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  • Seeing pictures may only change his mind in a sexual way. No matter how great you look he won't see a picture and think he wants a relationship. It's probably best for your well being to delete it and move on to a man who wants a relationship. Best of luck to you!


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  • Bury your emotions deep down inside for they make you weak. Im done it for 20 years it works. Side effects may include depression, loneliness, lack of understanding of you feelings etc

  • date another guy or eat a tub full of ice cream


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