Do Trials separations work in your experience?

Meaning that the couple stays together.
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  • I think most people use trial separation as a means of getting away from a partner without saying "I want a divorce." For a trial separation to work, you need to have a discussion about whether it is acceptable to date other people, whether you will date each other, and have a target date for re-evaluation your relationship and making a decision about it. Usually, one partner will not want to have this discussion and that gives you a strong clue as to their actual intentions.

    • A friend of mine is going through one right now, I don't know all the details, but he said they both agreed to them. It was her idea. In your experience are couples like this likely to stay together afterwards? If you need additional details I will do my best to provide.

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    • That is not a trial separation. That is a prelude to a divorce.

    • I see, I didn't think it looked to good :( Thank you for your honest opinion anyway.

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