Why am I letting it bother me?

Why would my ex keep my pics on her social media account? Their pics of us. Honestly, I don't want people to know that I once associated with her. She made my life a living hell.

I understand that her friends have pics of me because they were group photos. But for her to have pics of us as a couple raises a few eyebrows.


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  • sounds like she is holding on to the past and looks at the pics as away to let people know u and her was together

    • Why would she want that though? All her other pics are private. The only ones that are not. Are the ones she had with me

    • maybe she is proud of dating u i dont now why all her other pics would be private though

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  • Ask her to remove them if it bothers you that much?

    • We do not speak that's the issue. And I refuse to speak to her.

    • Is your name actually like tagged in the photo?

    • No it's not

What Girls Said 1

  • tell her to remove them


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