Why is it so hard to I get over her, even when she was toxic to me?

For around a year and a half she was using me and playing on my insecurities to boast her ego. She made me feel pathetic, and despite how much we talked and did things together, she always acted like she didn't care about me at all. Overall, I grew to hate myself and I lost any self esteem that I originally had. Then just recently, after many times of me trying to get away from her but eventually crawling back, she simply just lost interest. So she ditched me and has avoided me ever since. I could say this is a good thing, but honestly I feel so awefull for some reason. The last time I saw her made me feel devastated as well, when she confessed her love to a long time crush of hers in front of me a week later. Despite all of this though, I still desperitely want her. Is there something seriously wrong with me or is it normal to feel this way? I have tried everything to get over her and nothing has worked.


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  • brain chemicals. love insanity. it will end... but you have to give enough time away. no contact to heal

    • How long does it usually take? I have been trying to get over her for around a month and its been 3 weeks or so of no contact with her. So far, if anything, I feel I want her more than I did when I started.

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    • no, I just see her from time to time. but I can't really change that.

    • then this will linger because of the contact. sorry, no other way.

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