My ex boyfriend was really inconsistent im I if im better off without him?

My boyfriend just broke up with me and it was pretty sudden. He just said he didn't love me anymore, that i wtas clingy and a pain to deal with and wanted to be an introvert again. Im heartbroken because i loved him a lot but looking he wasn't ever really stable in how he treated me. The first few months he was incredibly sweet and all throughout the relationship he said many times he wanted to marry me and promised he'd never leave me and love me forever. But in the last 2 months of our relationship he stopped being romantic on his own gradually and claimed he just was shy or "feels dumb" saying cheesy things but he never had a problem before. I always address my concerns to him and try to be supportive and kind about it and i have very bad anxiety which he knows about and said it was ok and that he wanted to help. He was improving on that however it switched to being really fickle with how he treated me. He would love me and want to talk to me so much one day and be incredibly sweet then indifferent or rude the next. He kept snapping at me and pushing me away because he was sick or didn't want to talk to anyone. I would tell me how upset this made me, he'd apologize profusely and seemingly sincerely, promise to improve, improve for a day or 2 and be mean again. It was really hard on me. Ik i overreacted about some things because im very analytical and i think and the potential meanings behind his actions and those scared me. But i always tried to give him
space when he needed and let him do his own thing just the last month or so i wasn't feeling like i mattered or was loved everyday and i just wanted to be treated kindly everyday and for him to show effort into making me happy consistently because when he'd stop suddenly id worry he didn't want me anymore. I know my anxiety must have been hard to deal with but he always told me even a few days before leaving me that i did nothing wrong. I don't know i just want an objective opinion


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