Why do people most people almost always have the same reply when it comes to be friends with a ex?

For along while i missed my ex but wanted nothing to do with her.. after awhile i recover from what happened bewteen us. I no longer blame her or myself for what happened and i have forgive her family for what they did me. I bumped into my ex at kmart 2 months ago and when ever i go their with my girlfriend... my ex is always looking at me. I will admit i want my ex to stay in my past, but now am ready to be friends with her agin.. at least try we were friend's for 8 years before dating. So why don't people care to be friends with ex's? And why does my ex keep looking at me but doesn't try speaking to me? We both have moved on and am happy with my new girlfriend who is everything my ex should have been or any girl tbh.


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  • Because you and the ex had a past. At one point you had strong feelings for each other. Just because you're with someone new doesn't mean those feelings can't ever come out again. I made my bf- now husband-completely stop taking to his ex because when she knew we were dating she wanted to hang out with him alone. I put a stop to that quickly.

    • Do you not truest your boyfriend to handie the feeling he had for his ex? i do belive your right and the feeling can come oit agin but you can always control that or it may changed to something like a strong friendship. But why did she wanna hang out with him alone?

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    • Most guys cheat because 1. They are not loyal people. 2. They wanna bang of women. 3. They are weak minded

    • How do you know that though? Do you know every guy in this world? What about the guys that cheated on their GFS with exes? Did they control their urges? the real world says guys don't control themselves around exes sometimes and that's a fact... That's why there are guys that return their exes

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  • I know what you're talking about. To be fair I was about to make a post about my ex and my situation. Our situation is severe however, but she wants to be friends with me. I have to tell her there's no chance, she's done something pretty messed up. The feelings we feel is from the memories we had, the time we shared, and the feelings we experienced. Don't let that distract you on why things changed, why the relation ended.

    • I known why it ended my ex was too immutre for me and most likely won't ever change. I hate bring people into my life then never hearimg from then agin, i kept my circle small so not mamy come into my life.

    • You need to know the difference between feelings and the grave reality. Be logical when it comes to these situations, what benefits your life is what matters to you. You should expand your circle of contact, one shouldn't stay alone for the rest of their life, one must share it with many, so they will be full filled.

    • I do known the diffance since i spent along time coming to terms with them, when my ex looks at me i make zero effect to befriend her or speak to her. Why do u ask? Becuase if she wants to be in my kife then she will be. but your right what benfits my life is what matters to me which is why i wanma be a nurse 1 day. And am not alone i got my girlfriend and 1 other friend i still talk too. A few online frirnds then a few people who are kind of friends but never got time to hang out

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