Ex boyfriend friends are sending me friend requests on Facebook, is. My ex trying to keep tabs on me?

Since I broke up with my ex I'm receiving Facebook requests of some. Of his close friends. Is it some kind of spying by my ex?


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  • Block them. It's best to nip it in the bud before someone gets hurt. That's not a good thing. Be an Iron Lady. Unless they have a crush on you and just really want to be friends then it's no harm.

    • Thank you, but why do you think they are doing that?

    • I had my mate send someone to me to see if I was faithful. I passed and then dumped him for not trusting me. Anyway theyre either your ex's lapdogs sent to spy on you or they're interested so that's probably why they're doing it. Maybe they were waiting till you were single to get with you because they were interested. I don't really know.

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  • Just like yesterday one of my ex friend who I've never spiked to texted me and wanted to see if I was available, I think that he is trying to do the same thing

    • Thank you, but don't you think that my ex are trying to keep tabs on me?

    • Your welcome and maybe he wants to reenter your life but want to find out if you are single

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