Start talking again to girl that you were in love with her and she said no? is it good idea?

i was in love with girl and she was my friend, and some hurt things happened and it was so hard when she said no, and we stopped talking for while, i remember how hurt and bad it was for me, anyway now we just kind of started talking again but i dont know if its good idea or not. what do you think?


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  • As long as you don't catch feelings again

    • sometimes i feel its hurt and sometimes its not and i am like okay with it

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    • so you think its bad idea?

    • I mean I wouldn't recommend it, unless you've completely moved on, chances are of you felt for her one time you will again

What Guys Said 1

  • Dose it worth? I mean, sure talk with her, but if she refused you just go to the next one, no more trying with this one only if you want to get more hurt

    • its just we had a lot history and we were so close, and good friends

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    • i dont want she to know,

    • Speak with her about it, it would help, trust me, doesn't matter that you will get embarrassed

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