They say if you love something let it go, but what if it comes back?

I have a rough history with A. We've had some great times and some awful times. This past fall things started to get physical between us. Nothing serious, we started making out and feeling up. So yeah, we were talking every day pretty much and would hang out a couple times a week. I thought it was only natural to ask her out. She was really apprehensive and I pushed her into it. I regret this now, but there's nothing I can do.

Anyways. 4 days after we started going steady she said we had to talk. So I'm like seriously already? She dropped the bomb, she said she slept with her best friend and we couldn't date anymore.

Wooooshh. Alright I walked her back to her room and told her I didn't want to talk to her again. She called me crying 2 minutes later while running back to my house saying "it can't end like this"

Basically, she wanted to be hook up buddies. So, I was like whatever sure. But, a couple weeks later it got to the point where all the bottled up emotions I had came out and naturally I took it out on her. She was always there saying it could work or whatever but at that point our friendship was completely twisted.

I cut her off. I stopped talking to her for 4 months. In that time she tried to I'm me, text me, call me whatever. I did not answer. Finally one night after trying to call me 3 times I picked up. She said she just wanted to be friends. I said alright lets do it. lets be friends.

But it hasn't worked out I like expected it to. Shell text me every now and then, but when I say heyo lets get some food or lets go for a walk she either ignores it or says she busy. OK I understand she's not ready that's fair. But why did she try SO hard to get me back in her life. Now that I am there and ready to start our friendship over she is MIA. I don't get it. I don't know how to act if I should let her go again or try or what.

I really cared about this girl. I still do. A few months ago I was sure I was in love with her, but everything's changed and I don't feel the same anymore. However, I don't want our friendship to go to waste because before we ever started hooking up we were truly remarkable friends. It taught me a lesson that if you really truly love someone, take it slow because you may never get another chance.

Anyways, this is long so thanks for reading it and if you have 2 cents please deposit it below.


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  • weight the pros and cons. is there more bad than good or vice versa? it sounds like you guys have some connection, talk about it to her. but think about your reasons first.


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