No contact for how long?

girlfriend broke up with me 2 weeks ago this coming Saturday. We've barely communicated since then except through text and it never goes well. Last time she responded to me was 5 days ago. She blocked me from social media. How long should I continue to have no contact?


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  • You should not be contacting her no more man, you guys are through you broke up. Leave the pieces on the floor and move on. There is a reason she blocked you because the relationship is over and she's trying to move on. Please do the same


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  • Good rule of thumb is however long you need. If you're sitting around moping you shouldn't contact her even 2 months later. If you're back to living life, going out and having fun like you did before her. Then maybe a month of that is fine. The point of no contact is getting yourself back together. Not hoping some magic of time will make her warmer to you. I'm not an advocate of "using" no contact as some sort of tactic or method. I just advocate of not contacting her, until you're emotionally able to handle it. If you talk to her feeling like you can't walk away and feeling like you NEED her then it's going to go bad no matter how long you wait regardless of anything you say.

    It sucks, but that's how it works. The more capable you are of walking away the more capable you are to get her back. So you have to get over the relationship you had with her and once that happens, then you can try to get her back if you want to.

    • Thanks for the response rjroy3. I don't like using it as a tactic either, but her responses have been with an attitude even when she's reached out to me first. I'm more of the let's talk it out type, and she's the I need my space to think type and holds it all in until she cools off.

    • *nods* and I get it. We've all been there on some level. Just as a man in this situation it's best to form your resolve and do/say/act like the man you would be proud of in any scenario. Make your decisions and stick to them.

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