Does my ex want to be my friend, feeling confused?

My ex broke up with me about 9 months ago (we were friends before we dated) due to off timing and personality differences. He was very insistent on us being friends in the future and I do believe did really meant it. we met up a month after the break up but it was clearly too soon for me as I got a bit emotional. 5 months go by completely NC. He reaches out one day and we finally meet up for coffee in October (although he initiated I had the be the one to actually make specific plans). We met up for almost 4 hours and it felt like the old times. He said he missed hanging out but felt like we needed the space. I'm pretty good at reading situations and I do believe our meet up went well and he enjoyed himself- maybe it went on for too long but that's really the only negative thing I could think. I haven't heard from him since other then I texted him a one like joke a few weeks later and I wished him happy bday in early December which led to a very brief text conversation. I'm just confused. Did I do something wrong during our hangout? Im
second guessing myself now. Its different if it didn't go well or I haven't heard from him since the break up. It's clear we can be friends now and I want him in my life still. What do you think?


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  • he could of just been friendly but there is a chance he wants you to know he wants to get back with you when you are ready

    • he was himself when we hung out in October I'm sure we both had nerves going in but it was fine after 5 min. If he wanted me back in his life whether as a friend or more wouldn't he make an effort to get in contact? He knows I'm ready. He's the one that broke up with me and during the break up I even said if he wants to be friends he'll need to imitate in the beginninf

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    • So I should just wait for him to initiate, I shouldn't initiate anymore?

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