How do you win someone back?

We weren't going out just dating and it was more of an argument that didn't have an end and we just finished. I just want to know how to win him back, I've deleted his number as I know if he wishes to get in contact he will. I also don't want to over whelm him and scare him off for good.
weve had a few conversations and I asked to hang out and he had excuses, so I decided I'm not doing that again, as I don't want to look desperate.
this was after he was liking my stuff on Facebook, And started a few conversations i said to him that I understand why he doesn't want to hang out after everything, that I was appreciative of how nice he was being and considerate.
there was no reply after this and he's stopped liking all my stuff and I deleted his number then.
only I like him so much and would like to date again.

buy I'm getting so wound up I want to block and delete him from everywhere.


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  • Buy a ticket and enter the competition. Then hopefully you will win. Good luck

    • Dude if you're going to reply least be helpful instead of this idiocy

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    • Lol ✌️✌️✌️ Go enter some competitions and get off my question

    • I've also reported you for nonsense to girlsaskguys.
      You could of just said get over it or something there's no need to go on to people's questions and are asking for help to reply with such nonsense.

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  • you shouldn't. Things end for a reason, rather than dwell on this and try to achieve an end goal that is only truly possible in a romance movie, save yourself some grief and find someone who wishes to find the time for you instead of playing you around.


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